Your chance to shine

I’VE DECIDED to introduce another award – this time for the most irrelevant and ridiculously partisan political response to a non-political post.

A brilliant example – and the first winner – is this response to my post on Saturday welcoming the casting of Matt Smith in the lead role in Doctor Who:

And,of course, he’s a Labour supporter too. Bound to be a great success, don’t you think?

Fantastic! Now, that’s what blogging’s about.

I can’t wait to see other entertaining examples this year of commenters having a pop at the BBC/public sector workers/Europe/Gordon Brown/me on the back of posts about Doctor Who or The X-Factor.

But please, no hoaxes: the competition is open only to genuinely confused and bewildered readers.



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7 responses to “Your chance to shine

  1. John

    I can’t see this award lasting long if it is only open to geniunely confused and bewildered readers.
    Most of your commentors are sensible and intelligent conservative minded clear thinking individuals and therefore will not qualify 🙂

    Have a nice day Tom 🙂

  2. Rory

    Tom, just wanted to know whether it slightly riles you that so many authors of comments seem to be from the right-of-centre?

    You must be the most popular Labour blogger with the right if the comments are anything to go by. Or is it just that we’re the only ones that can be bothered to comment?

  3. Ben Evetts

    This is typical NuLieber filling the BBC (Brown Broadcasting Corporation) with a bunch of commie pinkos who use lefty claptrap about timelords spreading social unity to turn innocent kids into weak kneed liberals.

  4. Rapunzel

    I don’t think I’m confused and bewildered.

    But I’m not sure.

    Maybe I am, and maybe I’m not.

    How can I tell?

    Oh dear!

  5. I think the confusion regarding the lad stems from his role as a Labour staffer during the BBC series, “Party Animals.”

    On this basis, some of your more excitable commentators presumably think that Mel Gibson – arse running free as nature intended and all four cheeks smeared with blue warpaint – secretly spends all his time in negotiations over the Barnett Formula.

  6. There was me thinking you had a sense of humour….apparently not. Tragic.

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