‘We’re going to need a smaller nameplate’

REMEMBER when the Tories supported the Union? Yeah, me too…

No longer, it seems. What was once The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party is now simply The Scottish Conservative Party, according to Alan Cochrane of the Telegraph.

Perhaps they have (wrongly) calculated that the word “unionist” is a turn-off to the near-70 per cent of Scottish voters who supported unionist parties in the last Holyrood elections. 

Labour is now the only truly unionist party in Scotland, which will be a blow to those decent Tory voters and members who have effectively been told that support for the Union is now the policy that dare not speak its name.



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17 responses to “‘We’re going to need a smaller nameplate’

  1. Can we look forward to ‘Labour and Unionist Party’ as a new name for your party?

    If, as you suggest, you need to have the word ‘Unionist’ in your party’s name to be ‘truly unionist’.

  2. John

    You have got to be kidding me Tom? I’m sat here pissing myself 😀

    I love when you do this though. By “this” I mean attack the Tory Party in the most tenious barrel scraping way possible.

    It’s inventive, creative, and thouroughly entertaining. Kudos! 😀

  3. Jim Baxter

    You know, if I were more cynical, I would suspect that they think that will make them more appealing to Catholic voters.

  4. bupendra bhakta

    This is such a non-post I can only assume it is part of an effort by Mr Harris to get his “Spam filter problems” post on which he’s taken a royal roasting, off the bottom of the page.

    In common with his entire party, Finance and The Economy is not Mr Harris’ strong suit.

    If you want to know trains or buses though – he’s yer man.

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    I thought the silly season was in August.

  6. wrinkled weasel

    The article also mentions the £12 Billion that has been thrown away on the preposterous VAT rate cut that would have bought a brand new Forth Bridge or would more or less pay for your wonderful Crossrail.

    But no, I shall have the chance to pay £1.95 for my cappuccino instead of £2. Woohoo!

    So, The Tories need a smaller nameplate. Never mind that they have stopped squeezing into a black cab and can now manage with a segway and a small wicker basket.

    “Unionist” conjures up all those pallid Northern Ireland types in tight suits and whiny accents. It also sounds a bit militaristic and confrontational. That’s my perception, that’s all.

    Ahw’l gee ya this: In a Party where style triumphs over substance, getting the name right is half the battle.

  7. Josh

    This really shows how pathetic Labour has become. They were never anything in the first place, but if they are driven to attacking the name of a political organisation, it shows how desperate they have become. Labour has committed gross acts of constitutional vandalism, and has done more to undermine the Union than any other British political party, including the SNP. But that’s Labour’s electoral legacy. They get elected, the ruin the economy. We’ve had five Labour governments, and five devaluations of the pound. And unemployment is always higher than it was when Labour entered office. The Conservatives get elected, and they have to take some horrific decisions to restructure the economy and balance the budget, leading to Labour to attack them for sorting out a Labour induced mess. Labour gets re-elected, and ruin the economy once more. Those that think Gordon Brown was a good Chancellor are more than delusional, they are positively insane. I want to know how after 70+ tax rises, punitive fuel duty, a benign global economy which fostered low inflation and low interest rates that they inherited from the Conservatives, and strong growth, that they managed to build up one of the largest budget deficits in the developed world and also build up a huge national debt. Surely the Prudence loving Brown would have built up a surlpus for a rainy day.

  8. I admit this is a bit of a long shot, Josh, but you’re not a Labour voter, are you?

  9. Loki

    Tom – of course Josh isn’t a Labour voter, there aren’t many left! All he says is largely true, but I note you did not bother to address a single one of the points made; is this because you can’t?

    Back to the post – Good God what a total and utter non-story. I note the fact you fail entirely to mention that the Tories will be the only party represented in all parts of the UK! Hardly the act of a party not committed to the Union. When will Labour do likewise and give the voters of NI a chance to kick you into touch like the rest of country is going to get?

  10. Mr. Charlie

    Josh – thigh slapper, our Tom, isn’t he? Know this – he won;t answer any question or criticism tho’ – Big Gordo might spank his botty, you see, and the existence of independent thinking is not allowed by the Dear Leader.

  11. El Toro

    Oh, come one Tom, this has to be one of your most petty, ill-informed comments.

    How many of your own voters support independence for example. Have you even checked with a representative sample?

    All of the parties operating in Scotland have voters who support independence and equally all have voters who support the union.

    The more important question is what is the balance within the party groupings and the balance in the country as a whole; and, crucially what the trend is towards in the longer term.

  12. Blackacre

    I do think Loki has a point – surely a true Unionist party would allow all the voters across the whole country an opportunity to vote for them.

  13. Labourboy

    Funny how much time people spend making comments criticising blog posts that probably took far less time to write in the first place.

  14. Josh

    I find it interesting that no Labour sycophant has even attempted to address or even refute my points. And no Tom, I am not a Labour voter.

  15. “Labour is now the only truly unionist party in Scotland”

    That would be a four and a bit year old truly unionist party then Tom. From when Labour became the last of the three main UK-wide parties to recognise their Northern Irish membership and branches in 2004, wouldn’t it?

  16. labourboy

    Josh – there’s a difference between being a Labour supporter and a Labour sycophant. Just because we’re ignoring your rants doesn’t make us sycophants. It just makes us people with better things to do with our time.

  17. The truly sad thing here is that Tom and the rest of the Labour party cling to this notion that they are in some way democratic, yet at every occasion where they don’t have to ask the voter their opinion by law, they um, arr, make vague excuses that they then weasel out of and in the end stop answering questions on it.

    It’s only been 301 years since the Union was forced by strength of arms on an unruly and unwilling populace. No hurry about that whole democracy thing, hey lads?

    Never mind that somewhere between 85-90% of the Scottish population want a choice on independence. Never mind that the biggest party in Scotland has a mandate on independence, or that Labour’s own ex-leader in Holyrood said she’d welcome the challenge.

    No, Labour, the Lib-Dem’s and the Tory’s all oppose the sovereign right of the Scottish people for self-determination. Then Tom here has the gall to go on about Union-ism as if the Union is something that political party’s have the say on, as if it were a mere election manifesto point, like bendy-busses or a sodding trainline project.

    Either back a referendum and respect the will of the people (both the ~90% that want the vote and the unknown number that might vote yes), or stop claiming to respect democracy and admit you will never back a referendum because you’re scared of the outcome.

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