Doctor Who meets Casualty

JUST had a thought…

Is floppy-haired 26-year-old Matt Smith going to have to play the lead role in Doctor Who as a junior Doctor, with the regular 45-minute episodes being replaced by 36-hour shifts with no sleep breaks? 

“But Doctor, the Daleks are about to launch an attack on the Tardis! Do something!”

“Look, just give me five minutes, okay? I’m just resting my eyes… God! Will someone please turn off that damn sonic pager?!”



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7 responses to “Doctor Who meets Casualty

  1. John

    Ahh, you’ve been drinking! 8)

  2. John

    On which planet is this?

    UK junior doctors work average 56 hrs, due to come down to 48 hrs this year as directed by European Working Time Directive.

  3. Rapunzel

    I was going to leave a comment to say that Matt Smith could take my pulse any day, but that would be blatantly sexist and potentially demeaning to the young man, and anyway, I’m old enough to know better, so I shan’t.

    Strange that William Hartnell never had that effect when I was young and impressionable!

  4. John

    Of course! Planet Ba-boom

    Turn left at Lamuella Nexus and it’s three trillion light years from Stavromula Beta

  5. Tom, obviously you were just resting your eyes during your time in the Department of Health then…

  6. In fact, will the New Doctor be assigned to Coronation Street next week after another screw-up by MTAS?

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