Alienating logic

A READER who left a comment on the last post suggested that as a science fiction fan, I might want to comment on the claim that a UFO might be responsible for damage to a wind turbine in Lincolnshire.

And despite the obviously intended sarcasm, he’s right – the subject of UFOs belongs firmly in the realm of science fiction and not science.

Having said that, UFOs clearly exist; by definition they are simply flying objects that can’t be immediately identified. But it takes quite a leap of bizarre logic to suggest that if something can’t be identified, it must therefore be alien in origin.

The most baffling aspect of UFOs is that, at a time when video cameras are more widely owned than ever before, no-one seems to be able to lay their hands on one when they see an “alien” ship or when they are “abducted”. Curious, eh?

So I’m afraid that whatever is responsible for the damage to the turbine, it wasn’t extraterrestrial in origin.



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21 responses to “Alienating logic

  1. I think somebody somewhere found that reported UFO sightings tailed off once the X Files was off the airwaves.

  2. richard

    Given that the US government couldn’t even keep it secret that Clinton was diddling the tea-girl, I hardly think it’s likely that they’d do such a sterling job hiding the fact that they’ve been chopping up aliens since the 1960’s.

  3. John

    As with all things, i’ll believe it when it’d proved.

    Number of alien encounters proved: 0
    Number of alien encounters refuted: 1,000,000+

  4. wrinkled weasel

    Don’t be too quick to dismiss the alien theory Tom. They may already be here among us. I suspect they come into my house at night and move everything around and then put it back exactly where it was to start with. Except that occasionally, they mess up and put things somewhere else. They also collect teaspoons and then re-materialise them to the bottom of the washing up bowl. However, they are frightened of chickens for some reason, which is of course my sole reason for keeping some.

    You can always tell an alien because their eyebrows do not match their hair colour. The other, obvious sign, is that they enjoy eating their own bogies.

    Be vigilant! Watch the skies! Gort Nikto Barada!

  5. John

    There have been several reported incidents involving windturbine blades snapping off due to fatigue.Apparently there is no recognised safety standard in their manufacture.
    It is entirely possible that the one blade failing in this case could have caused the damage to the second blade.
    It’s more convennient for certain people to entertain the alien UFO theory than admit these turbines could fail.

  6. richard

    Windturbine “blade fatigue” doesn’t sell newspapers, especially not the sort of newspapers that report UFO sightings as news.

  7. John

    Oh thank goodness, Wrinkled Weasel; so they visit you too!

    I thought I was going mad.

    ‘They’ visit me too at night. They pinch the beer out of the fridge then, missing the loo, piss all over the bathroom floor, but they do manage to leave deposits IN the loo but fail to flush. Dirty pans,glasses, cups and plates are strewn around the kitchen sink. Shoes and clothes disgarded where removed.

    And I’ve been blaming my kids for years despite their denials!

    Thanks for enlightening me Weasel!

  8. Barney Waits

    I’d like to report this piece of “alienating” logic, Tom, wrt to the BoE’s interest rate cut this AM. This is good this is.

    Yvette Cooper on Radio 4 just now:

    “Lower interest rates are good for savers”

    Hmmm. Still trying to work than one out.

  9. No doubt there’ll soon be allegations of a ZaNuLabour (what an amusing and wholly original name that is) plot to cover this all up. It’s long been suspected that the Party’s in cahoots with alien beings; the Greenwich Dome’s primary purpose is communication with their spaceships you know.

    One theory is that John Redwood is a plant (possibly related to a daisy) sent here by the Venusians to make the Tories look even dafter than they can manage for themselves and thus prevent them from taking their rightful role at the helm of this one great country and leading it back to its glory days and thus rendering it less able to resist an invasion from outer space…

  10. richard

    I don’t believe Labour could cover up a teapot, let alone a UFO.

  11. Chris' Wills

    Could have been extra terrestrial, no not little green men, a meteor strike perhaps.

    Though metal fatigue is more likely.

  12. Dave H.

    Mr Harris, I do like the way your blog topics occasionally wander off into areas unrelated to UK politics. Guido has just done the same:

    “LibDem Reshuffle Highlights”

    Re. UFOs. Why do people, as with the Roswell incident, imagine alien civilisations are highly advanced and can build spacecraft able to navigate through vast tracts of space in a manner beyond our present understanding, and then on reaching Earth they promptly crash?

    Chris, if there were little green men, might Gordon absent-mindedly eat them?

  13. Yes, John, they are everywhere.

    You know why their space ships never crash? They stick the thermoprotecting tiles on the hull of the saucer with dried Weetabix. Never understood why NASA never picked up on that. Dried Weetabix on a bowl is the hardest substance known to man.

    Anyway. (I hope Tom will let me do this), I am selling “anti-alien spray”. It’s guaranteed 100% effective, very similar to my “anti elephant spray”. It’s available from me at an introductory bogof price of £70 a can.

    Got to go. All the spoons in my cutlery drawer have gone bendy and I am running out of green ink.

  14. Well Brian, what does “ZanuLabour” have in common with it’s Zimbabwean counterpart?

    I’ll give you one guess and it’s to do with the latest euphemism – “quantative easing”.

    18 months ago I predicted that we were heading for the mother of all financial meltdowns. Seems I was right. Get real please, wake up and smell the hundred quid a pack coffee and buy a wheel barrow.

  15. ani

    I don’t know about the hundred quid pack of coffee, but allegedly, even as we speak, there are people already in this country who are prepared to pay up to three quid for one plastic container full!
    Now that is really weird.

    And Tom – “at a time when video cameras are more widely owned than ever before, no-one seems to be able to lay their hands on one when they see”….a fox scrabbling up into a pram, or savaging a piglet, a lamb or a foal!
    Not even on a camera phone that you might reasonably expect to be a tool of the trade by now.
    Even curiouser.

  16. Auntie Flo'

    My guess is that one of your government’s nasty little pilotless spy drones collided with the blade.

    If so, good!

  17. Auntie Flo'

    …Because, as our greatest parliamentarian, Tony Benn, said recently, we, the public, want to keep our civil liberties and privacy, thankyou very much, nulabour, we don’t want to be spied on by our own government.

  18. Simon

    Ani, not sure what your point was, but foxes are nocturnal, and unlike premiership footballers don’t like showing their faces when the paparazzi are around.

  19. ani

    @Simon”….a fox scrabbling up into a pram, or savaging a piglet, a lamb or a foal!

    It’s farmers and hunters who allege to have ‘seen’ these incidents occuring, presumably during daylight?

  20. Simon

    Ani, since wolves were wiped out in the country foxes have no natural predator, and therefore their numbers have to be managed.

    If you believe trapping, shooting and poisoning foxes all year round, is more “humane” than hunting, then you’re entitled to you opinion. Personally I believe, hunting with dogs during a specified season when females are not pregnant, in a way that keeps the elderly and sick population down, and the young and fit population strong, (i.e. those less likely to go anywhere near humans), to be preferable.
    However, please don’t let the facts get in the way of what is a class issue.
    BTW. Since Labout has now banned fox hunting, the anti-hunt brigade surely has nothing to complain about now.

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