LibDem reshuffle! Latest!!

TRAFFIC in every major city in the country ground to a standstill today as crowds waited with bated breath to see the result of Nick Cegg’s Shadow Cabinet reshuffle.

Daytime TV programming was interrupted as news emerged (the results of Dwayne’s DNA results had to be postponed until tomorrow) and printing of newspapers’ evening editions was delayed until the reshuffle was completed.

Apparently a bloke with glasses has been moved sideways and somebody else has kept his job. Or something.


Men with beards everywhere celebrated the LibDem reshuffle

But I’ll bet the BBC’s (correct) decision not to describe any of Clegg’s team as “Shadow” anything will annoy them.


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9 responses to “LibDem reshuffle! Latest!!

  1. John

    Ah the Liberals. So I take it you’re burning your bridges then Tom? After all, when there is a hung parliament after the next election the Lib Dems will be the king makers. Good to see you blowing a big’ol rasberry in their direction. Who wants to be in government anyway eh? 😉

  2. richard

    I think Tom’s a bit sore when it comes to the subject of reshuffles…

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    Never bother or mind about the economy lets slag off the Lib/Dems.

    I think all this sort of thing just about shows labour in its true colours. Ignore the serious things that matter and find some silly Tory or Lib/Dem stories.

    Healy printed masses of money before the labour end back then, and they are going to do the same again. I did not work then and it will not work now.
    You are going to have to make real world decisions not fantasy ones.

  4. Well I thought it was funny, Tom, but then again I lead a sad, tragic life – or words to that effect…..

  5. Chris' Wills

    @Johnny Norfolk

    Tom isn’t going to have to make any political decisions that affect the nation.

    As with almost all NuLabor backbenchers, the whips command and he obeys.

  6. John without any sarcasm

    Wow Tom, you’re quick off the mark today with your Pollwatch ‘specially as it’s not in your favour.

  7. Dave H.

    HMG has a Shadow Opposition. No expert, but I’m not sure our political system affords an official title to the third party. Might I offer some suggestions:

    1) The Faint Shadow Opposition.
    2) The Pale Reflection Opposition.
    3) The Only Visible Using Certain Specialised Optical Equipment Opposition.

    How about “The Party That’s Run By, Er, You Know, That “not more than thirty” Bloke Mind You I Really Think That Pissed One Or That Old Guy Made A Lot More Of An Impression Opposition”?

  8. Paul Williams

    @Johnny Norfolk. Perhaps Tom should mention the economy occasionally, but to be fair to him his ‘about page’ makes it clear that this blog is;

    intended as my outlet for opinions, jokes, musings and whimsy about a range of subjects including – but not only – politics. If you believe that politicians take themselves too seriously, you might enjoy it….

    Besides, there always should be time in the world to ridicule the political joke that is the Lib Dems, especially when they take themselves far too seriously by calling it their ‘shadow cabinet’.

  9. Letters From A Tory

    The Lib Dems are certainly a ‘shadow’ of their former selves so perhaps the title is well deserved?

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