Yet another leaked memo


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17 responses to “Yet another leaked memo

  1. John

    Pfft, like you’ll be any different when Cameron is PM 😛

    Still funny though. Nice work! 😀

  2. pr roger j clementine iii cbe

    I’d like to see the EVIDENCE that this is a tory party memo.

    If it turns out that this isn’t a tory party memo and you haven’t told the whole truth, will you do the HONOURABLE thing and resign your seat!?!?!?

  3. Rob

    @pr roger j clementine iii cbe

    I THINK it’s a JOKE.

  4. John

    @ “pr roger j clementine iii cbe”

    It has the Tory Party Logo at the top. That should be enough for anyone 😉

    Tories = Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

    Something to remember is that. It will serve you well throughout life tbf 😉

  5. ani

    Whether it’s real or a joke is immaterial.
    It’s what we expect, it’s what Tories do – and they can be guaranteed not to disappoint.
    Is opposition and opportunistic the same thing?

  6. Simon

    lol! It would be funnier if it just had “It’s Gordon Browns fault” for everything.

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    The silly season has moved to January.
    Tom, the economy after 10 years of Labour tax & spend is in tatters.
    Is this the best you can do.

  8. John

    Tom, don’t intimate that Iceland is going bust or you’ll have that Katona women after you.

  9. John

    Btw Tom, I have recently come into posession of a leaked Labour Party instruction manual. It’s basically 100 pages containing two columns. On the left it lists the countries problems in alphabetical order, and on the right every single solution reads “throw money at it”.


  10. ani

    Simon’s right.
    When my hero TB was in charge, any trivial scrap of bad news reported at breakfast time elicited the chorus of – “it’ll be Tony Blair’s fault by teatime”
    We were rarely wrong.

  11. Jay

    John, is that the partner of that other New Labour instruction manual, “Brave New World” or am I getting mixed up with “Nineteen Eighty Four”? Hell, there are so many of them, maybe that’s why this Government can’t do joined up.

  12. richard

    Another dodgy dossier? That went so well for you last time…

  13. Personally, I think Bupendra has it about right. Sometimes you are are funny, sometimes you are not.

  14. Chris' Wills

    @ John

    You forgot the third column, who to blame.

    A choice of various options depending on your mood.
    1) The Americans (meaning the USA)
    2) The Germans (don’t mention the war)
    3) The French (just because)
    4) OPEC (for not selling their assets at fire sale prices)
    5) Foreigners who don’t obey the glorious leader
    N.B. Don’t, of course; name the Russians, Chinese, Indians or Japanese directly (that would be racist). Though blaming Asia might be acceptable.

  15. I hope the Tories have a sense of humour, because you may have committed a copyright/trademark infringement by using The Tree!

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