Hamas in their own voices

THE HUMANITARIAN crisis resulting from Israel’s military action in Gaza has lost it a lot of support internationally.

Yet very few of the letters and emails I’ve received from constituents about the situation have called for a ceasefire on both sides. Hamas, by virtue of being the elected government, seem to have escaped criticism. Their culpability in deliberately provoking Israel’s attack has been largely overlooked, as have Hamas’s obnoxious political and religious views. 

This video, which I saw over at Iain Dale’s Diary, might be useful in reminding people just how democratic Hamas actually are:


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11 responses to “Hamas in their own voices

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    I totaly blame Hamas. They could have come to a deal with Israel on many occasions but have decided not to. This was bound to be the outcome.
    When you have a situation like this it is war war that decides the outcome not jaw jaw.

  2. John with sarcasm

    Off topic
    Reading the Guardian article on Dereck Draper’s launch of Labour’s new ‘blogstation’ it mentions that Millibland’s blog was DULL whereas Tom Harris’ was so INTERESTING it got him the sack.

    Oh dear …………….

  3. Chris

    Will the protesters in London today be protesting when Iran next executes a gay person for being gay?
    And will all these Islamist marchers be backing progressive political ideas instead of the medieval thuggery they thrive on? I wont hold my breath for any of that!

  4. Auntie Flo'

    Good points, T

  5. Chris' Wills

    It’s odd that you mention that “Hamas, by virtue of being the elected government, seem to have escaped criticism”, if I recollect the Israels goverment is also democratically elected.

    It is double standards I’m afraid, some expect better of the Israelis and accept that Hamas are thugs doing what thugs do so they don’t hold both sides to the same standard.
    Some are just anti-jew and some, of course, agree with Hamas that all jews should die and are happy to aid in anyway they can.

    I do wonder why the police stopped pro-Israeli supports waving Israel flags yet allowed pro-Hamas supports to wave palestinian flags and burn Israeli flags.

    Double standards or are we now so afraid of radical Islam in our own country that we daren’t slap it down when it calls for secterian violence.

    Also, why are the media so silent about attacks on Jews and Synagogues in the UK?

  6. Auntie Flo'

    Good points, Tom, thank you for your small voice of reason.

    Stop The War need to wake up and smell the cordite (or whatever) from the shells on all sides of this conflict. There is no such thing as unilateral ceasefire in a conflict like this.

  7. John

    “Their culpability in deliberately provoking Israel’s attack has been largely overlooked, as have Hamas’s obnoxious political and religious views. ”

    It definately has not been overlooked! Hamas has sent over 10,000 home made rockets into Israel the last year. The result has been the continued terror of Israeli civilians at seemingly constant rocket warnings, and the death of 4 people. This is totally unacceptable, must be harrowing for the Israeli civilians, and action should quite rightly be taken to stop it and go after the purpotrators.

    Israel however, coming up to an election *ahem*, has decided the appropriate response to the terror inflicted on it’s citizens and 4 Israeli deaths is to level the Gaza strip and wipe out the Palestinian inhabitants. Sound like a proportional response to you? No, me neither. It sounds like an abhorrent over-reaction that should be condemned by anyone with even the remotest sense of decency.

    Let’s look at this in a bit more detail. Israel claim to be going after Hamas only. In that case, given that Gaza is one of the most densely populated tracts of land in the world, why are the Israeli’s dropping 1 ton bombs all over the place? There is nothing remotely surgical about those. Strange choice of weapon eh?

    Then there’s the bombing of the tunnels linking Gaza to Egypt. Apparently that’s where the Palestianians are getting their rocket parts from, so we have to close those down. Oh, and those tunnels also service Gaza with food and medical supplies. So then, after destroying the tunnels, has Israel supplied Gaza with food and medical supplies to make up for the fact that they can’t get it elsewhere? What, NO?

    So what the Palestinians are left with is being sealed in from all sides, with no food or medical supplies, and getting slaughtered in huge numbers by constant aerial bombardment. It’s the worlds biggest concentration camp. Do you all know that the Palestinians have started to eat GRASS to try and survive?

    Seriously, anyone who can look at the extream suffering on the part of the Palestinians and then start a sentence with “But the Palestinians/Hamas…..” deserves to be beaten with a lead baseball bat.

    There is NO justification for this. NONE. I don’t care if 100,000 rockets were fired by Hamas into Israel rather than 10,000 – it is absolutely no excuse for the extermination of a people.

    I’m disgusted. There is little that winds me up more than to see blood soaked streets, rows and rows of dead children, blood soaked screaming children running for their lives while carrying what’s left of their parents, children huddling to their parents dead bodies for 3 days straight, and then someone to try and remind us just how bad Hamas are and what they stand for, as if it’s supposed to be some kind of justification? WE KNOW. WE KNOW WHAT HAMAS STANDS FOR.

    What do people expect? That once the masses are confronted with just how awful Hamas are the harrowing and sickening suffering inflicted on the Palestinians by the Israeli’s will somehow become more palatable?

    This isn’t about supporting Hamas, they are a disgraceful Terrorist organisation and no-one in their right mind could support them. It’s about condeming the criminal overreaction of the Israeli’s, and the deplorable suffering that it’s caused.

    Anyone who can support the actions of the Israeli’s when it has caused so much suffering needs to have their head examined.

  8. Hamas clearly aren’t a bunch of cuddly teddy bears. They and their’s should not be firing rockets into Israel.

    However, the numbers of Israelis they have killed is around 20, yet the Israelis have retaliated with bombers and bombs and shells and missiles, killing 784 at the last count, most of them innocent people and some of them children.

    There is no excuse. Israel has spent a fortune on bombs – what if it had spent the same amount of money on making sure the Palestinians living in Gaza had clean water and electricity and didn’t have to fish in raw sewage? There might be some hope of a lasting peace.

  9. Chris

    Hamas is a terrorist organization funded by Iran and Syria, it doesn’t want peace.
    Israel is a secular democracy surrounded on all sides by Islamists who want to destroy it.
    The sight of Labour people and others on the left marching in support of medieval Islamic thuggery is quiet sickening.

  10. If this is a massacre or genocide, it has to be one of the most inefficient and sluggish ones ever committed.

    At the last census Gaza had a population of 1,481,080. In the last fifteen days the death toll stands at around 854. On a percentage basis, that represents 0.0006% of the Gaza population.

    Dividing the number of dead by the number of days the conflict has lasted, you have a fatality-per-day rate of approximately 70. Compare that to the Majdanek death camp, which was designed to kill 25,000 people in a single day. Even the seriously low-tech genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda managed to kill 10,000 in a single day at one point. Yet the Israelis, armed with some of the most advanced weaponry and technology in the world, are incapable of managing more than seventy a day?

    Based on the current rate of fatalities, it would take Israel approximately 71 years to complete this “genocide” of 1.5 million people.

    So, either Israel is a seriously incompetent military power, or it isn’t committing genocide. But you can’t have it both ways.

  11. Hamas hotheads being wrong ‘uns and being wrong specifically in this case does not make Israel right to exact a price that is heading towards 1000 to 1 compared to the one “missile” death.

    And it doesn’t excuse the 4 November incursion (6 killed), or the siege/prison that is breeding support for the hotter end of the Hamas spectrum. To his credit IMO David Miliband mentioned all three – rocket death, incursion and siege – in describing the trigger for the situation.

    The cooler end of Hamas is cool enough to accept Israel and a two-state solution. But what hope have they got in holding sway when the morgues are full and the extraordinarily careless IDF are rubble-ising their prison?

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