Ten-four, Rubber Duck, we got ourselves an envoy…

I’M HARDLY qualified to criticise anyone else’s typos, but this over at PoliticsHome made me smile. Conjures up quite an image, doesn’t it?



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5 responses to “Ten-four, Rubber Duck, we got ourselves an envoy…

  1. Now I see why you are a top blogger. I saw that little slip as well but was too polite to mention it.

    Does conjure up a wonderful picture of Tony though – supplementing his £15million earnings from talking the talk – by leading a band of hairy-arsed truckers across the badlands with Peter as his co-driver.

  2. Auntie Flo'

    What does the ‘W’ on Blair’s forehead stand for?

    Does it indicate that he’s a hologram like Arnold Judas Rimmer in Red Dwarf?

    Just asking…

  3. Auntie Flo'

    Red Dwarf, now there’s a sci fi I love.

  4. Simon

    Auntie Flo, are you saying Tony Blair is a Smeeeeeeeg Heeeeeeeead?

  5. Simon


    I’m not being rude about TB. The S* H* sketch in Red Dwarf is a comedy classic.

    Even funnier though; there is a shop near where I live whose automatic doors sound uncannily like Kryton trying to call Rimmer a “smeg head”, (but unable to do so, because of his programming).

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