The gremlins target ‘Dave’. Again.

I DIDN’T see Andrew Marr’s interview with Do-Nothing this morning, but according to Rosa Prince at The Telegraph blog, Dave’s insistence on doing it live from his London home may be a cause of regret. Technical difficulties resulted in those “charming, throwaway” lines Do-Nothing likes to employ being revealed to be entirely rehearsed and scripted.

Not the first time the BBC gremlins have struck Dave. His New Year interview with Jeremy Vine (which I did listen to) was interrupted at least once by a loss of the live feed between the studio and the radio van Dave was sitting in (cue accusations of BBC bias, pinko lefties wasting licence-payers’ money, etc…).

His handlers shouldn’t get too uptight about broadcasters’ preference for interviewing the Prime Minister in Downing Street. That’s been the practice for many years, as far as I know. And refusing to make his way to the BBC to be interviewed is hardly going to add to Dave’s gravitas, especially since technical issues are more likely to intervene.



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10 responses to “The gremlins target ‘Dave’. Again.

  1. Surely he could’ve biked to White City or are his tyres, like his politics, now a little flat?

  2. Much as I hate to agree with you, Dave’s downfall (why not call him”Dangerous Dave”) has been his belief that looking casual and a bit edgy and a bit cinema verite was going to wash with the punters. It didn’t. WebCameron was a specious farce from the beginning with it’s “amateurish” jerky camera and muffled sound quality.

    (Anecdote. I posted a comment on WebCameron in the early days and what do you know, they cocked up bigtime and let slip that the whole show was being moderated and read by one Sam Roake. I got his email responder. Hotmail! So Cameron never got to see the nasty comments – unlike you – and for all we know had very little to do with what was written.)

    We are in a very dangerous arena here. We have the nastiest government since the Borgias and the weakest since Galla Placidia.

    Bad Times. Bad Times.

  3. labourboy

    Tom, don’t you think it was odd that Cameron basically said that just by being a new government the Tories would help the economy? It was like a bizarre admission that they’d do nothing, because he didn’t believe they’d have to do anything.

  4. The thought had occurred, honestly – not just nicking your idea…

  5. labourboy

    Lol, no it’s ok. This is one idea I’d quite like to see spread out as criticism of Cameron – get Labour HQ on it will ya!

  6. well the Andrew Marr show isn’t up yet on the bbc iplayer, but I will certainly be having a look. Cameron is very good at his snake oil seller act usually, but is it a good idea to show off his lovely home in a time of increasing austerity? Shouldn’t he be down the youth club or the pub? With his hoody mates? Keep it real, Dave.

    p.s. having read the first comment on that telegraph blog: “The compulsory tax that funds the BBC and its leftist apologists for NuLabour and all things politically correct must be abolished.” I would say that the iplayer is the single greatest broadcasting invention since… the last one.

  7. Ian B

    I like to dream about the BBC being abolished. Not privatised, just abolished- its staff sent to the Job Centre, its buildings and assets sold off. What a wonderful world that would be, and I could have a telly again. I can’t have one at the moment because I can’t afford the licence.

    The outrage is letting the b*st*rds start that website. Who let them do that? They’re obviously going to use it as an excuse to switch the akward licence fee to being an internet tax. Then I won’t be able to afford an internet either.

    I really do hate the BBC quite a lot, as it goes.

  8. labourboy

    If you can afford to access the internet how can you not afford your license fee?

  9. richard

    @ Labourboy –
    Have a little sympathy, Ian’s so poor that he’s had to sell his spell-checker on ebay.

    Seriously though, yes let’s abolish the BBC. At the very least we should all stop paying the telly-tax, just like this brave chap –

  10. Paul Williams

    @Labourboy: If you can afford to access the internet how can you not afford your license fee?

    Access from an Internet Cafe
    30 minutes of internet £2.00
    One cup of coffee £1.20

    Access from work

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