Redwood cracks joke; world at an end?

Not John Redwood

JOHN Redwood has cracked a joke at Labour’s (and Alan Milburn’s) expense. And it’s a good one!

Alan Milburn has been made the Czar of the greasy pole. It is time more was done to promote social mobility in Britain.

Isn’t this kind of thing mentioned in the book of Revelations?



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3 responses to “Redwood cracks joke; world at an end?

  1. richard

    I’m reminded of a very old joke;

    If Alan Milburn is the answer you must be asking a very stupid question.

  2. Quentin

    Good to see you have bovvered to read one of the more intellectual blogs Tom 🙂

  3. John

    I actually quite like Alan Milburn. After he left government I was watching a BBC2 politics program (can’t remember which one) where he and Michael Portillo were discussing a fair few issues with the prompting of the interviewer.

    Both came across as really likable and genuine guys (something that surprised me about Portillo in particular!), and the best bit was that as they were both “out of frontline/mainstream politics” as it were, they were both relaxed and seemed to be more honest and forthright with their views.

    When the interviewer remarked at how well they were coming across, and just why the hell they weren’t like this while in government, they both gave each other this “knowing look” with the careful and tamed explanation that was along the lines of them “having to be more careful/guarded while in government”.

    It’s a shame that Ministers feel like that isn’t it? I mean, both guys were far more likable to me and the audience when they were relaxed, honest and analytical rather than guarded, yet the latter is the default position.

    I think that’s why your blog is so successful Tom? At least i’d be surprised if you stock hasn’t risen as a result.

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