Why don’t the Tories want to give business a say?

THE REAL level of Conservative support for Crossrail was always a subject of speculation, whatever their front bench said publicly. 

So I guess today’s bid to scrap the Business Rate Supplement Bill should have been expected. But so much for the Tories wanting to decentralise government!

As it stands, the Bill will allow local authorities to levy up to two per cent extra on business rates for specific capital projects – subject to a vote of the business community.

So let’s recap: large capital projects? No. Allowing local authorities to decide their own priorities? No. Give local businesses a say in whether they want a capital project to go ahead? No.

No Crossrail, no third runway, no local democracy AND they still want to slice five billion of next year’s budget.

Coming soon: The Longest Suicide Note in History, Part 2


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9 responses to “Why don’t the Tories want to give business a say?

  1. Barney Waits

    I do think what with regard to public transport projects in London, folks in the provinces are pretty fed up with stumping up for them whilst any semblance of public transport available to them collapses( e.g. rural Somerset, where public transport these days is largely conceptual).

    I know some is being raised privately for Crossrail*, but am sure the taxpayer will be hit. What was it for the Jubilee line extension? £3.5 billion? That would have sorted out the disaster that is PT in Bristol, for example.

    * Or will it be PFI or PPP like Brown’s tube company disaster.

    How much of our money do you think it is reasonable for one administration to piss away, Tom? I know there is one PFI funded school in NI which is shutting for catchment area reasons, with the taxpayer still having to fund it for some years yet.

    There’s a limit to how much pain people will take for no return. I voted for higher taxes in the belief they would be used well – not for the collapse of the education system, and an NHS with 3 administrators for every one medical professional.

    You haven’t got a clue. And all bar the utterly die-hard out here know that now. It is New Labour that is writing the longest suicide note in history, but taking the country down with it.

    God or whomsoever help us all.

  2. richard

    The country’s bankrupt and the pound is going down the toilet. Labour’s solution is to squander what little cash we have on gargantuan public sector projects and to print off more.

    So long Prudence. We barely knew ye.

  3. John

    “they still want to slice five billion of next year’s budget.”

    That wouldn’t be a bad idea tbf. I agree with you about the rest though. It’s just that budget cuts get a massive thumbs up from me at the moment.

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    The way you are going on Tom you would think there was an election round the corner. You must be realy worried with keeping on at the Tories like this. It saves us talking about the real problems we have like Canute Brown who still thinks he can stop events taking place. The way you are going on inflation will be off next. I remember the last Labour period, now did inflation hit 29 or 30%.
    If you carry on spending and printing money like this we will be back there again.by about 2010

  5. Steve

    Oh look another tax rise, what is that tax rise number 50, or is it 100.

    If the goverment needs more money then it needs to start looking in the mirror first, lets start with Gordon’s Butler and work from there.

  6. Barney Waits

    Budget cuts? Easy – kill the Quangos.

  7. Auntie Flo'

    How about doing an Atticus and walking around in another persons’s skin, Tom?

    Come out into the real world of the private sector, feel what it’s like for the majority of us who don’t know if we’ll have jobs or businesses by the summer. Then let’s see if you’re still in favour of giving councils yet another raft of racketeering powers to print money by ripping off the taxpayer yet again.

    Beggar the Cross Rail poll tax and the raft of rip off poll taxes that will follow in its wake. All that matters to most people at present is keeping our costs down, keeping central and local government spending down and survival.

  8. Simon

    For Gods sake, our council tax has already doubled under labour. How much more tax do you want us to pay ?

  9. Patchouli

    Having had a look a the Bill, isn’t this like turkeys voting for Christmas? I’ve no idea how many businesses are over the £35K rateable value but why would the big boys want to pay extra to help LA’s out? Or is this further Tescoisation by the back door?

    Also, there is a major problem in the receipts according to area. In effect, the North East LAs wouldn’t benefit from this Bill (I recognise they already benefit from the share-out). What is the point of this Bill?

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