Status update: not taking Alex too seriously

HAVING become a recent convert to Twitter, I was intrigued to see that none other than the Richt Honourable Alex Salmond is a Twitterer too (no, I said Twitter…)

I discovered this gem through a rather fine blog of which I’ve only just become aware, A Leaky Chanter (which I believe may be some sort of musical instrument. Or maybe a cup. Or a shoe…)



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8 responses to “Status update: not taking Alex too seriously

  1. Rbrto

    Tom, I’m a bit confused and wondering if you too find it weird that your blog, being one of the most read Labourcentric blogs, isn’t even given A-list link treatment on LabourList? What did you do to piss off the powers that be huh…?

  2. I just checked – And another thing… is included on LabourList’s “A-List”. And quite right too.

  3. Rbrto

    Oh yeh.. Sorry! other people have your name which I think is more recognised.

  4. pr roger j clementine iii cbe

    Tam, you’ll show YOUR First Minister due deference and respect, capice!?

  5. I’m sure the novelty will wear off, but it is very, very funny.

  6. pr roger j clementine iii cbe

    The Rt Hon Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond MP MSP.

    YOUR First Minister.

  7. Indeed so. What’s your point, caller?

  8. I did actually laugh at this….
    Good find.

    / On a side not, a post-modern post-scriptus as it were, at least the Rt. Hon. Alex Salmond believes in the sovereignty of the People of Scotland and in their right to be asked how they wish to be governed, unlike certain London parties that feel they know better than the People….

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