The Doctor abducted

THIS was shown nearly ten years ago during a special Doctor Who evening on BBC2. It was the first thing I’d ever seen David Walliams in.

It’s one of the extras on one of my classic Who DVDs. Whoever wrote the subtitles on the DVD version thought Mark Gatiss shouts “Oh my God!” when he’s woken up. He doesn’t: he shouts “Omega!” which, to every Whovian worth his salt, is much funnier. And if you don’t know who “Omega” is then be glad… be very glad.

This is brilliant, though. I especially love the references to Target paperbacks and Chris Achilleos.


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8 responses to “The Doctor abducted

  1. Terry

    Interesting to see that you are a Doctor Who fan Tom. He doesn’t really fit the Labour mould though does he? A recent post on another blog suggests that were he a politician he would almost certainly be a Libertarian.

  2. Er....

    Apparently, according to Guido, Number 6 (RIP) is one and all…

    Seems almost anyone’s a Libertarian (if you ask a Libertarian.)

  3. Terry

    Hmm, I tried to post a link to the blog in my previous comment but it hasn’t appeared. Not sure if it was removed by Tom or his blogging software. In case anyone was interested I’ll try posting the link as ordinary text. The blog was at “”

  4. Congratulations! You are the latest winner of the award I inaugurated at the start of the year.

  5. Paul Williams

    @Terry, I think Dr Who is just up Tom’s street – he admires the trials and tribulations of a great leader saving the world.

  6. Simon

    I don’t recall the Cartmel masterplan intending to reveal who the Doctor votes for…

  7. Quentin

    Don’t get toooooooooooo excited Terry.

    Unlike when an MP wins an award and goes to a plush award ceremony with plenty of champers and applause, and receives an engraved symbol of that achievement…………………… you, Terry, get b****r all.

    Still, it’s the taking part that counts 🙂

  8. Dave H.

    (unconnected to this is post, but relevant to this blog)

    A few days ago, you complained of “…absurdly high levels of anti-politics sentiment in this country.”

    You must have made a slip of the keyboard. You meant to write “…the understandably high levels of anti-politics sentiment in this country.”

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