LibDems speak out against social exclusion

LIBDEM leader Nick Clegg has blasted the tendency of certain social groups to be excluded from the mainstream.

“It is absolutely outrageous that the big boys in the playground won’t play with me… er, I mean that they won’t play with the smaller, less popular boys, even though those so-called less popular boys have actually had more girlfriends than they have.”

Mr Clegg had to cut short his 20-minute speech because everyone had gone home to watch Lark Rise to Candleford.



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11 responses to “LibDems speak out against social exclusion

  1. richard

    It’s a dark day when I agree with Nick Clegg but even though there’s finally some real philosophical differences between Labour and the Conservatives there’s still a vested interest in preserving the status quo.

  2. John

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say you don’t think much of ol’ Nick or the Lib Dems do you Tom?

    Can’t say I blame you given that they continually shoot themselves in the foot. One step forward, three steps back, that’s the Lib Dem way!

  3. Auntie Flo'


    Thousands of words in Clegg’s speech, yet not one word about over 99.9% of Britain’s companies – our vital SMEs.

    Not one glimmer of recognition from Clegg in respect of the 99.9% of companies employing c 60% of Britain’s workforce and – officially alleged to – generate c 60% of our GDP.

    In reality, SMEs and our staff generate a substantially higher proportion of GDP than the blood sucking giant corps (corpse?), because we’re the essence of the giant corporations’ efficiency and profits. We do everything for them, every mortal thing they do – except collude with governments to extort money and power from SMEs and our staff to stuff into the giant corporations’ coffers.

    More debt burden for our children and grandchildren. More uncosted, pick and mix, pie in the sky fantasy policies. More frightening erosion of democracy and our civil liberties by the EU if Clegg was in power – because he’s too much of a dead parrot to wake up and challenge the EU’s money and power mad dictatorship.

    This man would cripple our country. For goodness sake, Ms and Mr UK, don’t give this fantasising fool any power.

  4. Auntie Flo'

    Clegg’s total failure to grasp the basics of our economy is frightening. How did this man ever become a party leader?

    I can’t fathom it. I was life long Liberal until a few years ago. What ever led me to believe that these fantasists would be capable of forming a government?

    Desperation, I s’pose. Couldn’t stand the greedy, divisive, power crazed and incompetent Tory and Labour status quo, so convinced myself that Liberals represented the reasoned and rational middle ground..must have been off my trolley

  5. ani

    Tom, very off topic, sorry.
    I’ve been listening to Peter Riddell doing a mini interview with Tim Montgomerie and Iain Dale.

    I have to say that I was astounded to hear ID declare that on his blog he’s prevented ‘anonymous trolls destroying the argument’ which sounds rather grandiose as last time I looked most of the stuff he puts up is piffle, speculation and endless lists.
    What he really means is that it’s okay for Tory posters there to express in the most degrading and ugly manner their accepted line that everyone and everything relating to the Labour Govt. and Brown in particular, is wrong, and he will brook no contradictory argument now, because the Tories there continually whined for him to ban trolls = different point of view.

    Then he speculated on why more women don’t blog?
    Doh! I’d suggest that most/many? women dislike the vile type of comment that men like ID (Guido, Maguire) think is acceptable on their blogs, and would not be prepared subject themselves to ugly abuse – we have much higher standards.
    Tory women may be a different breed though…

    Iain – there’s no argument on your blog because you’ve been shafted by your own supporters and they won’t allow it.

  6. Jim Baxter

    Oh come on. He’s going to ‘invest in the future’. He’s a true original. You gotta love him.

    I see he’s bought in to the ‘Redwood says living standards have to be brought down’ line. Redwood didn’t say that – I read what Redwood said and it wasn’t that. Maybe Clegg can’t play with the big boys but he can lie with them. Truly a fresh alternative to years of spin.

  7. (A free-range chicken keeper writes:)

    Sainsbury’s have stopped selling battery eggs. Result! An example of a non violent, responsible campaign that makes sense and encourages consumers to think about what they eat.

    So off topic this deserves to get banned, but it’s more interesting than the Liberal Democrats.

  8. pr roger j clementine iii cbe

    Look, Harry Redknapp destroyed Gordon at whiff whaff.

    I think that says everything you need to know about this discredited neo-liberal nanny state so called government!

  9. If a tendency has been blasted, there should be some wreckage to inspect. Or are the Lib Dems like God, no visible effect?

  10. richard

    Off topic again but still ouch…

    Personally I don’t put a lot of stake in Comres’ polling scores but it still not a great result.

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