An Obama-free zone

DON’T take the headline the wrong way: most readers know I prayed for an Obama victory in November and was overjoyed when he won.

But it’s the only thing everyone else is talking about and you can’t escape it – it’s all over every newspaper, radio station and TV channel. So today, consider this site a little island of calm, untouched by the frenzy and jubilation of this historic inauguration day, free from the screeds of analysis and reportage, speculation and vox pops.

And another thing… where real life needn’t intrude.



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17 responses to “An Obama-free zone

  1. No doubt the launch of version 4 of your blog this week will over-shadow today’s events in Washington anyway.

    My great joy at Mr Obama’s inauguration is tempered a little by the realisation that he’s more than a decade younger than I am and wasn’t even born when JFK became president – as Dylan Thomas noted rather poetically: “time passes”…

  2. Paul Williams

    Excellent, personally I couldn’t care less who won the election, but all this Barack-superman-god-saviour-Obama nonsense (not entirely his fault) is boring me to tears. I can’t wait for the inauguration to be all over.

  3. Jim Baxter

    Fair enough.




    Four o’clock our time it happens. I’ll be watching. I’ll invest some hope one more time. I’ll let hope triumph over experience one more time. Hat tip to Dr Johnson.

  4. Simon

    I think a change of hands at the steering wheel, and the surge in public optimism that’ll inevitably come with it, will have a positive effect on the American economy.

    With any luck, Brown will realise this and fall on his sword, metaphorically speaking of course. An early election here will do more to shorten the recession than anything this Government can come up with.

  5. Letters From A Tory

    So you decided to write a post about Obama to tell us that you’re not going to write a post about Obama.



  6. Quentin

    Dherrr………. why are you posting comments that refer to it then?

  7. It’s a post-ironic thing. Do keep up.

  8. Terry

    More of an ironic post thing.

  9. Well, if you do want to read about it, former No 10 adviser Matthew Taylor has an interesting piece on the tests for Obama:

  10. ani

    Matthew Taylor is soooo brilliant.
    Hallelujah – he bats for us.

  11. Zim Flyer

    This obsession by the media of all things American is so annoying, we hear nothing of Canadian or New Zealand elections (remember these countries gave their finest to help us with no strings attached in two wars), but if it’s in the US then we won’t hear the end of it.

  12. John

    Excellent news!

    So what should I have for lunch then? Suggestions?

  13. ani

    Tom. I wondered if you’d read the John Spellar and Michael Dugher article “Fools Gold” highlighted in LabourList, revealing the true picture of the alleged Tory ‘golden legacy’?

    An impressive well researched piece of work, and a must read!

  14. Jim Baxter


    I agree, and we see the subjugation of our own culture to theirs all the time. The rising inflections, defense and offense, etc., which I find offensive.

    But without them we’d be speaking an even stranger language. I’ve been to the USA, several times. They really do believe in themselves. Unlike we good-humoured British with our good-humoured pessimism which may sink us yet. They are still the best hope for the world. God Bless America.

    I say that with no intention other than tribute.

  15. Jim Baxter

    My goodness. That man John Sopell is a caution isn’t he? ‘Nih, dh, here, eh, eh, comes the presidential limousine, eh, eh, as the words, eh, eh. and there is Senator Ted Kennedy, wrapped up warm against the cold, eh, eh…

    I remember Sopell and his commentary at the Glasgow-East by-election count and how he couldn’t stand the waiting, couldn’t wait to get away. Professionalism is alien to these cretins. No wonder so many of us despise the BBC, who were once its champions.

  16. Jim Baxter

    Sopell, again. And here comes Arethra Franklin. singing the nation anthem. And she did sing it, our national anthem.

    The BBC are a disgrace, a national humilation. How long have they had to prepare for this? Was it a sudden thing? ‘My country tis of thee’ is not the US national anthem.

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