Gap in the market, maybe?

car sign



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12 responses to “Gap in the market, maybe?

  1. John

    That sign needs to be altered slightly to read “I’m not remotely interested in which passengers you have in this vehicle”, and it needs to come in a pack of stickers that I can place onto the rear window of any car I see with those “[insert here] on board” signs.

    Watch out though Tom, this sort of thing is a magnet for the PC brigade to wade in with how the “[insert here] on board” signs are there for safety so people won’t tailgate cars with children on board blah blah blah…..

    Btw Tom, off topic, but i’m wondering. Do you have any plans with your new blog to use ?

    I’d quite enjoy it myself, although I don’t know whether you’d be interested in it? I hope you do at some point, because this is pretty much the main political blog I read. Dale is getting a bit tiresome, and Guido – well, the less said about him the better.

  2. richard

    I read an article a few years ago that dealt with this subject.

    Apparently tailgaters are less likely to drive agressively behind cars with “Baby on board” stickers and the fire-service have specific instructions to investigate + prioritise cars with them on as children are disproportionately likely to be injured in accidents.

    Hate to burst your bubbles. These stickers may be intensely annoying but they also serve a useful purpose (a bit like DVLA staff)…

  3. Dave H.

    An individual of my acquaintance has very good traditional manners. When sitting behind another motorist who has failed to notice the light has changed to green, they are way too polite to beep their horn, even for the briefest moment. Even when the light changes back to red, they just quietly sit there, hoping the driver will be more attentive next time round.

    The gap in the market is for a device which when activated makes the car emit a loud but entirely polite “Ahem.” Joss Ackland would be ideal for the recording.

    It would be technically straightforward nowadays.

  4. Rapunzel

    Tom, you’ve spotted a great idea!

    I, for one, am much less likely to crash into the back of any car that I know is carrying babies, children, grannies, dogs, Waitrose shoppers, Daily Mail readers, local councillors, window cleaners, learner drivers, if a sign has told me that’s who’s in the car.

    Except that, in order to read the sign, you have to be pretty close in the first place. At speed, you can’t always stop.

    But I do try only to crash into cars carrying unimportant/irrelevant passengers. The car carrying this sign would be an open invitation, permission even, to do just that.

    An excellent product.

  5. Quentin

    Stick to the day job Tom.

    Just read our local rag. There’s a job exhibition for school leavers at the local Corn Exchange.
    Advertised are the following employment opportunities from one employer:
    Carpenters, bricklayers,plasterers,plumbers, drivers,fitters,fabricators……..
    No not Barratts or Wimpeys…but the British Army.

    In my day, when we USED to win wars, they advertised for soldiers (not mentioned in this advert).
    Is the priority now to rebuild what has been destroyed rather than to defeat the enemy?

  6. How about, “No children on board, but how about not crashing into me anyway?”…

  7. Jim Baxter

    Dale is too much the political groupie. Two minutes with Margaret Thatcher has him walking on air. All right. A blogger blogs what a blogger feels. But few who wish to be MPs and to be taken seriously as thoughtful, independently minded people get the shivers when they meet a hero, or heroine. Or if they do they say nothing.

    A period of mature objectivity would be welcome from him. Probably that would be welcome from me too, espeicsailly in the form of silence, which is the form that Atlee intended.

    But I am not running for elective office. Nor shall I. Me wi’ a bad leg tae.

    I got the shivers once. More than once, actually. Reader, I married her.

  8. wrinkled weasel


    It wasn’t that bad! Was it?

  9. no no no you do not understand. Those signs are not for the benefit of the owners of the cars, or for other drivers. They are for the emergency services, so they know to look for a baby in the wreckage. Really. Just like the crash position you are told to adopt in the case of an emergency on an aircraft. Adopting that position won’t save your life or save you from serious injury – but it will stop your teeth being smashed up, so your body can be identified from dental records when it is otherwise charred to a crisp.

    Always happy to help.

  10. richard

    @ Jane.

    “Crash position” myth is here;

    Unfortunately so is “baby on board sticker” myth;

    It seems that these signs were invented as a marketing ploy for a baby safety company and serve no useful purpose whatsoever.

    I stand humbly corrected.

  11. ani

    “Carpenters, bricklayers,plasterers,plumbers, drivers,fitters,fabricators”
    You know nothing about the Forces then?
    They just strut around with a machine gun on their hip perhaps?
    They don’t need any services?
    Married quarters and barracks don’t need updating?
    Someone’s changed their tune then. :0(
    Drivers and fitters aren’t needed to service their own vehicles?
    Perhaps they call on the little local man in the nearest village to do that?

    Are you that idiot Quentin Letts?

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