‘Obama, Obama, Obama! Out, out out!’

TOM Watson’s latest Twitter reports that a banner displayed by a protester in Parliament Square carries the legend: “Obama imperialist war monger”.


I mean, just how pathetic can these people be? As Carolyn was channel hopping this evening she came across Celebrity Big Brother (see what lengths I’ll go to to make sure you don’t think I’m actually watching it?) and even Tommy “the trot” Sheridan was applauding Obama at the end of his inaugural speech.

But anti-Americanism runs deep in the so-called left wing in this country. In 1980 and 1981 I was an active member of CND, three years before I joined the Labour Party. I attended a number of meetings at which President Reagan was regularly attacked and vilified and where the Soviet Union was portrayed as an innocent victim of the Cold War. 

Clearly, for some, the Cold War never ended. Or even worse: the wrong side won.



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16 responses to “‘Obama, Obama, Obama! Out, out out!’

  1. Jim Baxter

    Funny how you get more right wing as you get older.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Well there has been no sign of any anti Obama in the media over here. Just the opposite. They appear to take more interest in the USA than Britain.

  3. So you once belonged to the CND. What changed? I shan’t bother to look it up, but it’s a certainty you voted pro-nuclear last time the issue came up.

    Actually I did just look it up because it took 30 seconds and yes, you voted strongly in favour of replacing Trident.

    So, what changed?

  4. Since you ask, I turned my back on unilateralism before I joined Labour in 1984. I think the song “Thank Christ for the Bomb” by The Hogweeds had something to do with it.

  5. My mum used to say: if you ignore them, they’ll go away.

    I’m not sure it works, but you can still ignore them. Especially if they’re stood next to ‘The End Is Nigh’ man.

  6. “I attended a number of meetings at which President Reagan was regularly attacked and vilified….”

    No, surely not. Not cuddly old Uncle Ronnie? Not the man who bombed Libya, invaded Grenada, secretly sold arms to Iran in order to fund the murderous contras in Nicaragua, supported and promoted death squads in Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador – spending more than $4 billion dollars in military aid to gangsters who killed an estimated 75,000 civilians. Surely… they never said unkind words about THAT Ronnie did they?

    Good job you got out when you did Tom, or you might never have become the new Labour radical you are today.

  7. The point I was making, Bob, is that in the Cold War, we were on the right side with the Americans, and the Soviets were on the other (the wrong) side, but my former comrades in CND never considered crticising Russia for their part in sponsoring the arms race, let alone for its abysmal human rights record.

    I feel a more substantive post coming on.

  8. I don’t know what to think about unilateral disarmament.

    We would have to radically re-think our relationship with the US, for a start. But ultimately, the ability to wield that kind of power is about conquest, and history shows that you cannot fully subjugate a nation, however despotic you are.

    I was recently quite stunned by something an former RAF pilot said during an interview about this. (It was John Peters who was shot down in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, 18 years ago almost to the day)

    He said that he was trained to deploy nuclear weapons. He said that he was in no doubt that given the order, he would drop a nuclear bomb on the enemy. He said the training for this was very very precise and thorough – as you would hope it would be – but then he said that what was not spoken of or planned for was his exit strategy. He rather imagined that in the event of a nuclear war, there would be no return to an airbase because there would be none to return to and no body there to welcome him back.

    I am not convinced that being a part of this proliferation would change the endgame.

  9. Sorry to be a bore but, just to add, the most serious threat to the stability of the West now is Islamic extremism and you cannot bomb an idea so maybe Trident and its replacement is irrelevant.

  10. Rapunzel

    “I think the song “Thank Christ for the Bomb” by The Hogweeds had something to do with it.”

    Can we get a link to this?




  11. Turns out it was The Groundhogs, not The Hogweeds (getting mixed up with my classic Genesis tracks – it was a long time ago, you know) and you can buy it here, but only as part of the whole album.

  12. and old Ronnie was the only anti-nuclear president the US has had – and he was wrong about that

  13. Shelldrake

    I asked Bruce Kent for his autograph sometime in the mid-80s (while he was still a priest) but somewhat cheekily presented him with the back of a ‘Peace through NATO’ flyer with the pen. I don’t think he realised…
    And how can an MP “vote strongly” for Trident? Two lobbies sometimes seem too many – another two for ‘strong’ votes would be ridiculous!

  14. The very point I made some time ago, Shelldrake.

  15. Rapunzel


    I am grateful for the link to “Thank Christ for the Bomb.”
    What a kind thing to do, in your busy life.

    Now, go to bed earlier tonight!!


  16. Tom, might be worth pointing out:

    “@tom_watson – assuming it was the same placard as the guy who got my train home, it was actually “Obama: DON’T BE an imperialist warmonger.””

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