The final countdown

THE LATEST version of this blog will be launched at 7.00 am on Friday, less than two days from now.

Do try to keep calm, people.


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12 responses to “The final countdown

  1. Andrew F

    Is there anything I can say to stop you?

  2. John

    (Irfan Ahmed) 😉

    Ooh, exciting stuff! Does the first person to leave a comment on your new blog get a prize of some sort? I was thinking an all expenses paid trip to somewhere like Paris, Rome or New York?

    After all, i’m sure you can chuck it in as part of your MP’s expenses. You won’t even have to itemise it, just put it under the heading of “Electorate Engagement Expenses” – and the best bit…….NO NEED TO PROVIDE RECIEPTS! (Depending on how you choose to vote tomorrow that is.)

    Being facetious? Moi? Perish the thought….

  3. Simon

    Of course now you can vote with your conscience, rather than the whip, since we were treated to another of GB’s screeching U-turns.

    Perhaps Gordon will be offered a job on Top Gear when he loses his seat. His experience will be invaluable.

  4. Speaking of which, Tom, have you decided which way you’re voting tomorrow? Since it’s going to be a free vote you won’t have to worry about upsetting your PM.

  5. Quentin

    Dam…just wet myself..

  6. wrinkled weasel

    This new blog will be a propaganda blog, designed and directed by the red right hand of Labour. Anyone not being positive about the Labour Party will have their ISP traced and forced to borrow money to buy a Plasma TV. Already a couple of dozen fake IDs have been registered that will declare every post to be a glorious affirmation of what is right and proper and good.

    This will all coincide with an emergency Cabinet reshuffle which will find Tom Harris promoted to Minister for Space Exploration and Alien Affairs.

    They got to him in the end. Hope now only lies with the WebCameron and the honest face of politics.

  7. Martin

    And now I can’t get that song (and the big hair) out of my head. You evil, evil, man!

    Might as well inflict it on everybody else…

  8. ani

    Oooooh Martin. Fantastic video!
    All that passion, excitement and hair!
    Does it for me alright.

    (Now come clean here – this wasn’t a surreptitious reference to Ken Clarke’s latest embarrassing Europe gaffe, that’s top of the Sky news tonight, was it?
    You clever little devil you.)

    Tom. Have you chosen the topic for your first post on the new blog?
    Heaven sent opportunity here for you. ;0)

    Rapunzel. Press that re-play button and let’s watch it again!

  9. ani

    Rapunzel. You made a reference to irony (or was it sarcasm?) a couple of threads ago?
    Try this one for size.

    “Hope now only lies with the WebCameron and the honest face of politics”

    Well, it made me laugh – almost
    as much as Cameron’s final (reshuffle) countdown.

  10. Rapunzel

    I thought ww had shot himself?

    Labour is wonderful.

    Tom is wonderful.

    Gordon is wonderful.


    (Did anyone spot the fake ID?)

  11. Auntie Flo'

    Will your new blog have a privacy statement, Tom?

  12. Should it have? Tell me more.

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