What’s sauce for the goose…

WATCHING Newsnight this evening it became clear that in the next few weeks, President Obama will embark on (a) a rescue plan for America’s banks, and (b) a massive stimulus package for the economy.

Since America’s economic problems are similar to our own, and the prospective remedies similar to those already carried out here, can we expect David Cameron to welcome the American rescue package(s) with the same derisive scorn with which he greeted Britain’s?

Perhaps not the most auspicious start to a relationship with a president Do-Nothing is pathetically desperate to emulate. But it would certainly confirm Obama’s initial, instinctive view of him as “a lightweight”.



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17 responses to “What’s sauce for the goose…

  1. Rapunzel

    I gather the Tories in Scotland are keen to be friends. They’ve offered to make Obama a kilt!

    I think it’ll suit him.

  2. Auntie Flo'

    You missed a few things out of your little box about Obama, Tom: “salary freeze”, “accountability”, an end to corrupt lobbying and the lovely mantra “we work for America”.

    Well said, President Obama.

    From the above, it looks to me as though Cameron and Obama may have far more in common than you believe.

  3. I noticed, also, that Obama asked the American people to take personal responsibility for their own actions, Tom.

    Your sad (and, frankly pathetic) repetition of the “do-nothing” mantra of the Brown/Mandelson spin machine about David Cameron and the Conservatives is making you look very silly.

    As I have said several times (in my previous guise as Diablo), the Conservatives are Her Majesty’s Official Opposition. They are obliged – indeed, have a duty – to oppose actions taken by the government that they think will not be to the advantage of the country.

    To say that the Conservatives, if in government today, would do nothing is to ignore the actions that Cameron and Osborne have proposed in previous months. In fact, much of what Brown/Darling are now doing had already been outlined by them and has been copied or adapted.

    Brown is clearly on the back foot and the markets are against him. I worry that he’ll be soon going to the IMF to shore up the pound.

    You, twittering on about the do-nothing Conservatives will be as irrelevant as it is now!

  4. Simon

    Something else Obama said which Labour would do well to heed:

    “Families are tightening their belts, and so should Washington.”

    Ronald Reagan would have been proud of that one.

  5. Sergeant Plodder

    Similar? So where are the tax cuts? (And don’t say – VAT – everyone knows that was a waste of time).

    The boy Obama been in touch with Brown yet? I mean, they are cut from the same cloth, yes, and stand for the same things? So we are led to believe by the media, which wet their collective pants yesterday.

    Me – I just thought. Oh, God. It’s Tony Blair again.

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    Remember Tom actions speak louder than words.
    What he would like to do and what he will be able to do are 2 different things. Politics is further away from reality than at any point I have know, as we can also see every day from this labour government.

  7. Simon

    Downing Street should certainly be tightening their belts, and the first thing they should cut is the National Child Measurement Program.

    This, utterly ridiculous, waste of tax payers money, aims to measure the height and weight of every reception age, and year 6 child. Accordingly, my 11 year daughter, who is not over-weight, but is already bombarded by the media with images of the perfect body, will be made to stand in line with the rest of her school year while they are all weighed and measured. Of course it’ll be done behind closed doors, but equally of course, everyone will discuss the their results afterwards and compare them with everyone elses. Anorexia anyone ?

    And to cap it all, the Government wants my 11 year old daughters name and addres, (with postcode), so it can compile a database, and leave it on a train somewhere. Now I wonder. Who would like a list of 11 year old girls and boys addresses ?

    Not only is this a complete waste of time and money, I would not trust the government to look after my lunch money, let alone my daughters personal details.

    Thankfully, there is an opt-out. I hope everyone with any common sense takes it.

  8. It amused me that you, along with Gordon Brown, can sing the praises of everyone ‘following our lead’ when it comes to rescuing banks when the POLLWATCH in your sidebar gives you some idea of how the public view Gordon Brown and his policies right now.

  9. Sergeant Plodder

    On the Obama fest, Alice Miles is very very funny in The Times, putting forward Ed Miliband (I think he’s the one in long trousers. now, brother Dave is back in his short ones, as he’s been a bad boy) and James Purnell as our very own Obamas.


    Class stuff. I was thinking of suggesting to her she didn’t give up the day job – only to find that that IS her day job 🙂

  10. Paul Williams

    Since America’s economic problems are similar to our own,

    Fraser Nelson explains far more elegantly than I can why your statement is completely wrong:


    This sums it up well:

    Bottom line: if Brown hadn’t wrecked British public finances then the pound wouldn’t be tanking

    The markets whatever else they maybe, don’t lie, the pound is plummeting for a very good reason, they don’t trust our finances or balance sheet.

    As Jim Rogers, an American investor put it;

    I would urge you to sell any sterling you might have, it’s finished. I hate to say it, but I would not put any money in the UK

    Funny how these kind of words are not being said about any other major country or why indeed they should be said about us if we’re in the same boat as America.

  11. Simon

    Since your parties nickname for David Cameron seems less than appropriate now, perhaps you could think of another one ?

    Can I offer “David we’ll suggest-policy-which-the-governmwent-will-take-up-because-their-own-policies-aren’t-working-in-fact-why-not-just-call-a-general-election-so-we-can-implement-them-ourselves-before-you-screw-them-up-too Cameron”

  12. The Sergeant asks where the tax cuts are. That he should do so makes it clear that he either pays no tax or pays the higher rate, because the rest of us (22.5 million of us) have seen Income Tax cuts recently.

  13. richard

    @ labourmatters,

    Yes, unfunded tax cuts are always a welcome addition to the budget, especially as we’ll never have to pay that money back in higher taxes later.


  14. Simon

    You might have to explain that, about the cut in income tax. I don’t seem to be paying any less.

  15. Zorro

    Labourmatters please back that up. I’m on the basic rate and I haven’t seen a decrease in my tax. What gives?

  16. ani

    Ted Foan
    Keep up.
    We’ve moved on from ‘do nothing’ to
    ‘Dave’s out of his depth’

  17. ani

    “Thankfully, there is an opt-out”

    Well, there you are then – opt out.
    Your choice.
    The way you were carrying on I’d begun to think it was compulsory.

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