FIRST of all, this is a blog, not my parliamentary or constituency website. If you want to know about my work in Glasgow South or in the House of Commons, click here.

And another thing…” is intended as my outlet for opinions, jokes, musings and whimsy about a range of subjects including – but not only – politics. If you believe that politicians take themselves too seriously, you might enjoy it. If you think they should take themselves very seriously indeed, or shouldn’t have any interests outside politics, I would avoid it, frankly. Try John Redwood.

I’ve been a Labour MP since 2001, and was a minister at the Department for Transport from September 2006 until October 2008.


16 responses to “About

  1. Alan Cochrane

    Very good site – in fact too good! As James Kirkup says in his latest Three Line Whip post, you’ll be doing us hacks out of a crust.

    Stick to your day job!


  2. Hello Tom

    Very good blog. Any chance you could add me to your blog roll?

  3. Done. Despite having an endorsement from Adam Price…

  4. He called me an “organic intellectual”, which fans of Gramsci will know is far from complimentary…

    Ta, anyway.

  5. Lisa

    I totally support your recent comments. That’s all I have to say but I feel strongly about what you have said and wanted to agree with you.

  6. Kenny Dickie

    Hi Tom

    Your recent comments regarding the people of these islands being miserable.

    For anyone coming from doon the ‘bottom scheme’ being miserable or dour is an expression of our upbringing and heritage.

    Glad to see you are still promoting Beith (home to the famous Mighty Beith Juniors), obit in a backhanded fashion!

    Also, good to see someone from Beith ‘making it’ …and there’s not been many.

    Kind regards

    Kenny Dickie (fellow bottom schemer)

  7. Richard Littlejohn

    You didn’t mention your writing work on the Sun Tom… ashamed of it?

  8. Absolutely not, but I didn’t think a couple of freelance pieces in the 1980s and ’90s counted as a major part of my career development. I also didn’t mention writing for The Scotsman, The Herald, The Daily Record, The Express or The Sunday Times.

  9. Richard Littlejohn

    I will always think of you as “Ex-Sun journalist Tom Harris” – it has a really descriptive ring about it.

  10. I can’t say I always agree with your views but it’s still an excellent blog. Will add you to our blogroll.

    The Sun….deary me. Well if it puts food on the table!

  11. Great Blog, really show’s what more MP’s need to do, Can you add me a Link to your Blog Roll?

  12. Why is it that if a Labour MP is remotely genial he is regarded as the love child of Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker ?

  13. Hi Tom

    Thought this might make a nice image for your blog – Gordon Brown’s Labour party conference shirt, modeled by Channel 4 presenter Miquita Oliver at the launch of a new volunteering initiative by youth charity http://www.vinspired.com.


    Apparently it was a slim fit shirt and it’s a Thomas Pink one – possibly the only way he’ll be in the pink right now.

    Anyway if you want to download the pic, you can get it from here…


    Many Thanks

    David Macnamara

  14. mikehaywood

    Your blog is an inspiration in more ways than one ..


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