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COMMENTS moderation is “on”. However, I will generally approve all comments, even those critical of me and the government. But I won’t approve comments which are needlessly abusive for the sake of it, or which may invite legal action against me. So basically, no swear words worse than “damn” or “bloody”. “Pants” is okay.

If you want to link back to your own blog or to another relevant site or article, fair enough, but don’t just post a link with no supporting comment. That’s just lazy, that is.

And try to avoid just having a go on any subject that comes into your head – your comments are far likelier to be published if they’re even remotely relevant to the original posting.

Also, if I feel like it, I may mock you, but usually only if you’ve shown a degree of rudeness or disrespect in your own comment.

 I recently deleted a comment from a self-professed member of the BNP. Not all of them will be so honest to admit their party affiliation, but damn, it felt good to delete that. That’s now policy.

Last updated: Tuesday 16 December 2008


6 responses to “Comments policy

  1. Paul Sheaf


    I see that there is to be a further book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series (written by someone other than Douglas Adams, for obvious reasons) and that it is to be called ‘And another thing…’ !

    Has anyone approached you about this?

  2. I invite legal action against Tom…..

  3. michael ridgwell

    *Also, if I feel like it, I may mock you.*

    We are pointing and laughing at you mate so feel free to mock us. Currently that is allowed, it’s your blog after all but your kind want the net regulated. It’s hard to put in a polite way how much we despise you all. 646 pointless wastes of carbon. Around 300 MPs administered the British Empire and they didn’t even have Brussels doing most of their job for them. Culling time.

  4. Ab Dextra

    “Also, today (2 November 2008) I deleted a comment from a self-professed member of the BNP……..That’s now policy.”

    Now – even though I post from the centre-right, I abhor the vast majority of what the BNP stands for: but that policy is not something I would have expected from you, Mr Harris, and it’s frankly rather disturbing. If the comment was merely abusive, or profane, or racist, fair enough, and I’d endorse your action: but if it was in fact putting forward some kind of legitimate argument without being any of those things, then irrespective of the fact that neither you nor I nor any of your regular readers might not agree with it, your advertised comments policy should have led to you allow it regardless.

    Perhaps you deleted it for the reason that in many areas, especially in the south-east of England, the BNP is becoming a threat to you politically. Not because Essex is going racist, but because your traditional respectable working class base there feels disenfranchised by the fact that your party has become overwhelmingly the construct of the middle class left-liberal metropolitan elite, which thinks their vote can be taken for granted while ignoring their very real concerns about excessive levels of immigration, and discrimination in the allocation of benefits and resources.

    They think your party has been hollowed out for cynical electoral purposes, and that its through voting BNP that they can best articulate their concerns.

    But don’t take my word for it – ask Jon Cruddas, or take a look at the following link –

    So perhaps your BNP poster may have had a point after all….

  5. John

    “Today (2 November 2008) I deleted a comment from a self-professed member of the BNP. Not all of them will be so honest to admit their party affiliation, but damn, it felt good to delete that. That’s now policy.”

    Excellent! Although those morons can’t post anything without including something racially charged, bigoted, and uneducated anyway. So it’s unlikely they’ll ever get a comment through moderation even without this policy.

    Oh, and if you did let a comment of theirs through, every subsequant comment would simply be attacking their moronic bull anway, which would ruin the comments in every thread they posted in.

    Yep, whichever way you look, I don’t see a downside. Nice work Tom *thumbs up*

  6. Apart from a propensity to repeat the “do-nothing Tories” mantra that his spin-meisters demand, his blog can be quite interesting.

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