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In support of Obama

THOSE of you who were paying attention might remember me saying that, as a government minister, I couldn’t publicly express support for any candidate in the US election.

Well, sod that now: Come on Obama, you can do it!

For a long time I’ve been pessimistic about the Democrats’ chances. I wanted Obama to beat Hillary in the primaries because I believed that Obama would get beaten by the Republicans by a smaller margin than she would. Now it looks like the Illinois senator might be in with a better chance than I thought, thanks, in part, to McCain’s lamentable and irresponsible decision to appoint Sarah Palin as his running mate.

But I refuse to get my hopes up. Four years ago I dared to hope, at the very last minute, that John Kerry could have beaten Bush. So I’ve stopped trying to predict the outcome of American elections; I have been wrong on every occasion, except in 2000, when I correctly predicted that Gore would win.



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