No more controversy

So aren’t puppies cute? And kittens too. Very sweet. Yup. Puppies and kittens: yay!

A puppy yesterday



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30 responses to “No more controversy

  1. nibbs

    Are you having a laugh? Have you seen the price of dog food and flea powder? Puppies used to be sweet before your lot got in…I’ve now had to make do with a goldfish…I bet you don’t have to worry about such things on your massive expenses do you?

  2. Happy ex labour voter

    Do you realise how controversial such peurile nonsese is from the keyboard of a government minister?

    You would be wise to remember the old saying …

    “T’is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”

  3. I think that puppy looks a bit miserable 😉

    PS Lib Dem voter, but I .agree with your original post and thought it a thoughtful attempt to look at our age of anxiety. Myself, my wife and my work colleagues were somewhat bemused about all of the fuss.

  4. I hope you haven’t infringed copyright by using this photo. I’m sure the Daily Mail would be interested in that.

  5. Silent Hunter

    Yes! Puppies and kittens are cute…………are Labour going to TAX THEM TOO?

  6. Yay! A puppy, all is right with the world again …

    … oh wait, hang on, that puppy looks miserable …

    … he oughta cheer-up he’s never had it so much better 😀

  7. You’ve just been staunchly defended on the Sky News newspaper review – by Iain Dale!

  8. nibbs

    Happy (allegedly) ex labour voter said

    “Do you realise how controversial such peurile nonsese is from the keyboard of a government minister?You would be wise to remember the old saying …“T’is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt” ”

    Well,puerile nonsense is one thing- peurile nonsese is another matter .But then no one ever takes their own advice, do they?

  9. Dave Leighton

    Nice puppy. Is it the one you lot sold us?


    P.S. Why has my polite comment on the ‘miserable’ thread been censored?

  10. Happy ex labour voter

    nibbs said

    “Well,puerile nonsense is one thing- peurile nonsese is another matter .But then no one ever takes their own advice, do they?”

    I missed a letter out nibbs. An easy mistake for a non-typist but I suppose fair game for the likes of you. In return may I say that in your reply you appear to have ripped up practically all the rules on punctuation and grammar and stamped on the pieces in hobnail boots.

  11. Shona Spurtle

    I know ex-labour voter, and can confirm that it isn’t you; he’s been fairly miserable for quite a long time now.

  12. Petronious Duckett

    Mmmmm, just like Nixon, when in a corner you exploit some dumb animal for the sympathy vote. Predictable.

  13. themethatisme

    So this is what makes you happy! Good for you.
    Where did the adult debate go?

  14. tychy

    what an ugly dog. i rather approve of government ministers slagging off the electorate – they’re just backseat drivers.

  15. MG

    Perhaps you should follow David Davies’ example and resign as an MP and campaign on a puppies and kittens manifesto. Your slogan could be “stop being so bloody miserable, look at this cute puppy”

  16. How disgustingly sentimental! I guess you’re too young to recognise the foregoing as a puppy related quote from Beyond the Fringe or even to be familiar with the Monty Python Bok. In its spoof classified section it featured an advertisement for the holiday home for pets pie company. How we laughed….

  17. Neil Jarvis

    OMG, you are so out of touch with the real world. Shame on you.

  18. Mo Daniels

    Neil Jarivs – get a life mate.

  19. Misery guts Morgan

    Aren’t the British a funny lot? First an MP gets stick for encouraging an interesting and thought provoking debate about an important issue, then he gets some stick for posting a bit of fluff. Perhaps Mr Harris’ critics can tell him what they want him to say, or better still they can write Tom’s posts themselves and Tom can hand his blog over. It seems some people want MPs in their own image with a uniform opinion, or perhaps they are frustrated wannabe MPs themselves.

    I’m not a current Labour supporter, used to be, and may be again once the current leadership has gone.At the moment I’m completely disillusioned with politics. But thank heavens we have some MPs who are prepared to have an intelligent debate without being brow beaten by the miserable gutter press in this country.

  20. Tom – I hope your lack of posts today indicates a sulk rather than the late night ministrations of the Thought Police?

    Illegitimi non carborundum!

  21. andrew

    Hi Tom

    What amazes me about the rise in house prices since 2001 is the number of people who over stated income on mortgage applications. There must be 100s thousands if not over a million. And each one guilty of a fraud worth thousands if not 10s of thousands. So when will the police start investigating these offences?
    On top of that we have the solicitors and mortgage providers who are all obliged by statute to inform NCIS of any suspicions of fraud. Hardly any did.
    Again these still await investigation.
    We criminalise children for normal teenage behavior but are ignoring adults who have commited very serious crimes, so serious in effect that honest people who bought property since 2002 are commited for 25 years to paying back 10s to 100s thousands more than they should. Then we have a financial industry holding about £400 billion in securities based on these mortgages that have been used to provide a further £8 trillion in loans. Are you starting to understand how serious this is Tom.
    Surprisingly the BOE warned the treasury of this growing problem in 2003. New labour did nothing. The more cynically minded might say rising house prices win elections. The failure to investigate and prosecute indicates the cynical might have it right this time.

  22. Auntie Flo'

    That puppy is not a happy mut. And it’s not hard to guess why.

    Look at those downcast eyes. They look just like millions of pairs of eyes seen rushing around the real world outside the political bubble every day, gazing in and thinking…if only…

    If only I could go down the park on my own when I choose to and without a lead and muzzle. If only I didn’t have a master shouting meaningless instructions at me to make me feel powerless and to delude him/herself that he/she is a powerful.

    Never mind, every dog has its day and I’m having mine…by about 2010. I can’t wait!

  23. You probably beat the poor puppy to death after taking this picture, didn’t you?



  24. PS I forgot to mention Mr. Harris that Daily Mail readers are VOTERS too!!! Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot!!! Then again, voters are only important if you have a democracy, which seems not to be the case nowadays, otherwise WHY no vote on the Lisbon Treaty for UK citizens??? Why no VOTE about going to wars??? Why no VOTE on whether or not we want Gordon Brown as our prime minister???

  25. F0ul

    Congratulations on showing what politicians are made of!

    If you had any back bone, you would push for debate. You have certainly had the air space, but no, you would prefer to let miserable puppies lie!

    Go on, tell us your thoughts on the replies you got to your post. Tell us if its the near 50% of our wages that are taxed which is making us miserable, or is it that ministers are so unknowledgeable about their own voters that they can’t see what is happening in the real world?

    As I see it, this post demonstrates EXACTLY why politicians, especially Labour ones are seen as being a total drain on society. You produce nothing of value, you ignore the very people who voted for you and only care about your image in the media.

    The rest of us know that (prior to EU rules) todays newspapers are only tomorrows chip papers so who cares what these press barons think?

    My own thoughts are simple, I am more depressed these days because my freedom to do as I like is disappearing quickly – and I am being taxed at almost 50% of my total gross wages (according to the Tax Payers Alliance) to pay for this loss of freedom – thank you for the experience!!

  26. Misery guts Morgan

    Someone shouted
    “PS I forgot to mention Mr. Harris that Daily Mail readers are VOTERS too!!!”

    I know, scary isn’t it? In my opinion that should immediately exempt Mail readers on the basis of insanity-My Dad started buying the Mail about 5 years ago and I’ve never seen such a transformation from a live and let live relaxed geezer to an utterly grating moaner.

    By the way, full marks to Tom for firstly allowing comments at all and then allowing posts critical of himself .Most MPs don’t even allow comments. I assume the idea of Tom’s blog is to share HIS thoughts with the public, not to engage in a random question and answer session with everyone from Lands End to John O’Groats. You could always start your own blogs if you feel you have something worthwhile to say- I’m sure we need a few more miserable, whinging blogs focusing on Anti EU sentiment and “this bloody government” .No one will be the slightest bit interested in what you have to say but at least it’ll keep you all in one place so the rest of us don’t have to read your inane drivel….

    Anyhow Tom, I hope to enjoy reading your blog in the near future when the hordes have resumed writing to the Mail in green ink.

  27. Karen

    how sad you have to go to such levels typical Labour think you can pull the wool over our eyes by showing a pretty picture. Grow up

  28. It is quite an embarrassment to witness a government minister trying to be entertaining, yet failing miserably. I’m not the sort of person that thinks a minister should only be a minister – and not have fun, like any other normal person, but one who begins a debate and then side steps it attempting some obscure witty satire, should be (and I think will be) held accountable. How about we legislate your participation in online ‘Social Communities’?

    Your job is to listen and encourage solutions to problems that WE face. You are failing to do that, so I question your legitimacy. How about you write something to us…This is not a hounding, I just think you need to revert back to the debate that has got you this attention and answer some questions. Write down all the various questions and statements that have been made (Should only take a few evenings of your ‘blogging’ time) and respond to them. Use this blog for something useful. Have your debate.

  29. nibbs

    “but one who begins a debate and then side steps it attempting some obscure witty satire, should be (and I think will be) held accountable.”

    Couldn’t agree more.Placing pictures of puppies on personal blogs should be immediately legislated against. As should all personal behaviour,actions,words and opinions of MPs. And a debate should continue until we, the tax paying public are good and ready. I demand Tom immediately resigns his seat on a matter of principle and campaign for re-election on the issue of puppy pictures on blogs.

    I’d suggest if people like Matthew are genuinely concerned about having debates and public ownership of personal blogs-as opposed to outright political blogs- he campaigns for people like Nadine Dorries to allow public comments on her blog when she uses it to support her political positions on important issues like abortion.Tom’s opinions are open to challenge on his own personal blog- fair play to him I say .

    As for Mr Hammond, the Tory MP, who made an issue of Tom’s personal opinion ,I see he’s getting a bit of unwanted media attention himself this morning. Perhaps he should start a blog so we can ask him some question,I’d like to ask Mr Hammond what makes him so miserable these days 🙂

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